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If you have sold your home or your business is in the process of relocating, we provide a complete range of long and short term storage solutions.  We can accommodate your items at very competitive prices.  We are fully insured and our storage facilities have high levels of security.


Why not give us a call today to discuss your specific requirements?  We can also provide you with a free quotation depending on your needs.  Call 07802 901 243 today.

• Long and short term storage

• For personal and commercial customers

• Full insurance cover

• Archiving service available

• Free quotation

• Contact us to discuss your requirements



At G.S. Transport Ltd we offer a

complete range of storage solutions

for your personal or commercial needs.

Storage solutions for you

Our storage services

Storage solutions for personal and

commercial customers.  Call us on

        0191 413 9830

   or 07802 901 243

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