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Furniture Delivery Courier Transport

If you are in the process of buying or selling furniture, it is likely you will require furniture delivery as the final transaction in the service. Furniture delivery arranged via the seller – this can include IKEA wardrobes, TK Maxx bulky items, Chain store mattress delivery etc, are often excessive. Our room-to-room furniture delivery service means fast secure courier of furniture from one location to another without damaging or compromising the items. Unlike smaller items, furniture cannot easily be delivered through any postal service and delivering large pieces of equipment yourself is likely to take considerable time and effort as well as costing money in fuel and/or vehicle hire. You can use our quote forms below to send a quick enquiry for furniture courier and delivery services.

Furniture Delivery

Furniture Delivery and Courier

Furniture delivery services are usually undertaken as a two man delivery. This enables us to package and transport your furniture in a safe and secure manner. It also means we can provide room-to-room services as opposed to simply door-to-door, and white glove delivery and courier of furniture is also available. For more information on our white glove services please view our white glove delivery page.

Mattress Delivery

Mattress Delivery

A Mattress sale isn’t a sale if you have to pay an extortionate fee for delivery. Get in touch with us once you have decided on your purchase and we can arrange room-to-room delivery of your mattress direct from supplier or showroom to your bedroom. We can even, as fully licensed waste disposal experts, dispose of your old mattress at the same time, with minimum hassle.


How much does it cost to courier furniture?

The cost of furniture courier / furniture delivery is ultimately dependent on size and weight of transported item, whilst also taking into account access at pickup and drop off. Furniture delivery transport costs are calculated based on volumetric weight. To find out how much it will cost to send your furniture, you can use the quote forms above to get a best estimate.

Cheap furniture delivery

No one wants to pay more than they need to when moving furniture from A to B. If you’re a student moving to university, or you’re downsizing and selling some of your furniture online, our discounted courier rates will be cheaper than using a specialist furniture removal company. We specialise in student moves to and from both Newcastle based universities as well as provide a comprehensive room-to-room services nationally.

eBay furniture courier

If you’ve sold an item of furniture on eBay our low-cost courier services are ideal for keeping the cost of shipping to a minimum. If possible, disassemble your furniture so that we can efficiently pack your furniture for transport. If you can then measure and weigh this final item we can then accurately quote the cost of shipping. White glove delivery services are available to all ebay sellers meaning you can white label you delivery if selling commercially. For more information about this service please contact us direct on 0191 413 9830


All our services are currently in operation under enhanced protocols due to Covid-19. For more details on our operations during this period, please visit our Covid-19 information here. Alternatively, click an option below for a no obligation free quote online: