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Storage and Removal Volume Calculator

One of the hardest things to estimate when attaining a quote for removal or storage services, is working out how much ‘space’ is required. That’s either for multiple load transport of your items, or how much room is required in storage. To combat this, G S Transport have developed a handy removals cubic volume calculator which helps approximate space requirements for an exhaustive range of common household and office items.

To use our cubic calculator, and help calculate the volume of space required for your removal or storage, simply visit: and use the input fields to add how many of each item you have in your possession that requires moving or storing! Item increments are whole numbers, so 1 x table, 2 x bbq etc. Use your cursor, or touch screen input to increase each of the relevant items:

cubic calculator instructions

Once you have added all of the relevant items to your list, simply add your email address in the box below. Clicking submit will send you an itemised list to your email address, detailing entries you’ve listed, and calculating the total cubic volume in feet and metres. This can then be used to calculate how many removal van loads, or storage containment size required.

By submitting your email address to receive your results, you are allowing G S Transport Ltd to contact you with a quotation, if appropriate. Your email address will be used for no other reason that for G S Transport Ltd. to contact you for services.